Jack Daniel’s Special Release Barrel Proof Rye Review

About – “This annual special release Single Barrel Barrel Proof Rye celebrates the early craftsmanship of the Jack Daniel Distillery, honoring a time when American whiskey was often high in rye content and offered at barrel strength. Bottled in its purest form right from the barrel and uncut at full proof, it’s packed with Jack character with our signature smooth finish. Proof will range from 125-140.” This is the first limited edition rye released by Jack Daniel’s and replaces Heritage Barrel for 2020. Similar to their other barrel proof offering, the barrels used for this release have been aged for around 6 years and come exclusively from the top of the rickhouse. Retail price is $65, but being a limited release your mileage may vary.

Nose – Confectionary powdered sugar sweetness combined with pecans. There is a deep brown sugar note sitting behind that and banana starts to come through as it opens up. Very much a holiday dessert vibe.

Palate – Bright caramel and banana shine through as it hits the palate. The ethanol really makes itself present, but doesn’t blow out the palate. It begins to fade after a few seconds. Pecan comes through in the mid palate and shifts to a touch of dill before heading into a long finish of oak and baking spice. As the finish continues it shifts to caramel and oak.

Score – A

Verdict – I can’t think of much more that I would want from a bottle of rye whiskey. This checks all of the boxes and brings that banana note that Jack Daniel’s is known for along for the ride. It is a tad hot so if you are someone that doesn’t do well with high proof or “hot” whiskey this one will need a bit of water for you to enjoy. Beyond that there just isn’t much to complain about. An excellent release from Jack Daniel’s.

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