Pursuit United Bourbon Review

About – “Pursuit United is the perfect blend of three states. These barrels of rye and wheated bourbons were united to create an uncommon whiskey. A blend of mash bills that has both fruit and spice.” If you have followed my site then you are familiar with Pursuit Spirits. If not it is the brand created by Ryan and Kenny from the Bourbon Pursuit podcast, and to this point all of their releases have been of the single barrel variety from various distilleries. Pursuit Series Ep. 29 took home 2nd place in my 2020 Rye of the Year Blind, and several of their other releases have ranked highly in other blinds I have done. When it comes to picking bourbon they have a track record that I trust. Pursuit United is their first foray into blending, featuring bourbons from Bardstown Bourbon Company, Finger Lakes Distilling, and an undisclosed Tennessee Distillery (not Dickel). It is unfiltered, bottled at 108 proof, and retails for around $60. It is currently available at select retailers in GA, KY, TN, and TX, as well as Seelbach’s online.

Nose – Dark is the first word that comes to mind. Chocolate and cinnamon graham crackers lead the way with rye spice being evident on the back end, stinging the nostril slightly at 108 proof. Apple comes through as it opens up lightening things up a bit. Interesting nose that is almost leaning towards a whiskey with a high malt content.

Palate – Darkness from the nose carries across to the palate. Cinnamon graham hits me up front with a dark honey that starts to come through on the mid palate along with a heavy vanilla that carries through to baking spice on the back of the palate. The finish is long moving between baking spice and barrel char before ultimately ending as milk chocolate.

Score – B

Verdict – I was excited to crack this release open and it does not disappoint. It has a dark profile with a some chocolate notes that I don’t get very often in bourbon. Considering the low age of most of the stock used in this blend, Ryan and Kenny have done a really great job blending out those youthful notes. If you were thinking this would be a mediocre release or an attempt by a podcast to cash in on their following, you couldn’t be more wrong. Do yourself a favor and pick up a bottle of Pursuit United.

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