Old Tub Kentucky Straight Bourbon Review

About – “The limited-edition offering is a nostalgic nod to where it all began for the Beam family over 140 years ago in Bardstown, KY, otherwise known as the Bourbon Capital of the World. This unique bourbon has tasting notes that include oak, complemented along with grain, and a warm caramel. It has a lingering color of golden citrine gemstone with shades of honey and an aroma that carries initial waves of oak followed by vanilla and grain.” Old Tub had previously been a distillery only and later a Kentucky only release in a 375ml format. This release is bottled in bond so we know that it is aged at least 4 years. It is unfiltered, bottled at 100 proof, and priced as a bargain at $20.

Nose – Caramel and fresh milled grain. There is a touch of of clove behind that along with vanilla and a faint spice. The grain becomes more prevalent as it opens up.

Palate – Slightly bitter on the front end with a lot of raw grain. Hot cinnamon flashes through the mid palate leading into a finish that is all cinnamon and grain.

Score – D-

Verdict – I don’t understand what all of the fuss is about with this release. I have seen people score this as high as 5/5 stars and couldn’t disagree more. It is thin, lacking any complexity, and all of the raw grain is off-putting. I was hoping for Repeal Batch at a slightly higher proof, and this isn’t that. Is it drinkable? Yes, but I don’t find anything enjoyable about it. If you enjoy bourbon that tastes like it has been filtered through a hay bale Old Tub may be for you. Otherwise I recommend leaving it on the shelf.

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