Blue Note Juke Joint Whiskey Review

About – This ongoing release from B.R. distilling is distilled in Kentucky and aged in Memphis. For those who aren’t aware the name Blue Note is a Jazz and Blues term for a note an expressive note that is played at a slightly different pitch than standard. True to the name being distilled in Kentucky and aged in “crafted” in Memphis is slightly different than standard. Juke Joint is labeled as a Straight Bourbon Whiskey, aged 3-4 years, and bottled unfiltered at 93. Proof. Retail price is around $30.

Nose – Burnt sugar and vanilla reminiscent of Creme Brulee. Baking spices and an interesting note of fresh baked yeast bread. A touch of grain on the backside as it opens.

Palate – A really traditional bourbon on the front with vanilla, caramel, and baking spice. It gets a bit more interesting on the finish with a blast of cinnamon heat that is surprising given the proof. The finish is on the shorter side of medium and follows through with the spicy cinnamon. There is also a touch of youthful grain on the very end.

Score – C

Verdict – All things considered it is an easy drinking bourbon with a spicy finish at a decent price point. I like seeing a distillery like B.R. take something a lot of people are doing (sourced whiskey) and find a way to put their own spend on in resulting in a unique product. I also like that they are pricing it where a product of this age should be priced.

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