Traverse City Whiskey Co. American Cherry Edition Review

About – “When you live in the “Cherry Capital of the World” and come from a multi-generational cherry farming family, a cherry whiskey is a bit of a must. Our American Cherry Edition is different than most cherry whiskies on the market today and is steeped with Montmorency cherries grown on our family’s farm. We like to say that its flavor profile resembles “whiskey with a hint of cherry, not the other way around.” This is a bourbon whiskey that has been infused with cherries. It is bottled at 74 proof and retails for around $40.

Nose – Cherry juice and vanilla are dominant, but are followed by oak and spice letting you know that legitimate bourbon has been used in this product.

Palate – Just like the nose, cherry juice on vanilla jump out first on the palate and are followed by oak and spice leading into a short, clean finish.

Score – 4.5/5 🍒

Verdict – This is a really quality product. Usually flavored whiskey is over sugary and artificial tasting. This is not one of those whiskies. The cherry flavor really shines through but doesn’t completely overpower the bourbon. It is easy drinking and at 74 proof should appeal the masses. I think I would enjoy a higher proofed version a little more, and Traverse City did just release a barrel proof version for this year’s cherry fest so it is out there for those of us wanting a little more proof.

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