Resilient 14 year straight bourbon review (barrel 182)

About – Resilient is a brand owned by BC Merchants (a distributor in the Chicago area). The line is made up of sourced bourbon and rye. The bourbon is currently being sourced from Dickel and the rye from MGP. It is bottled as a single barrel product and they are extremely transparent about what is in the bottle. The label on the front lists the barrel number (they have tasting notes for every barrel on their site), bottle #, barrel fill date, bottled date, char level, mashbill, and proof (this is an uncut product so proof varies from barrel to barrel). This review is for barrel 182 and is bottled at 104 proof. I have seen this product locally for around $75 but price may vary by market.

Nose – Dark sweetness nearing cocoa powder with a slight orange behind that. The longer it opens up sweet corn comes to the front, but not in the dominant way that it can with Dickel products.

Palate – Dark fruit is the first thing I notice most closely resembling plum. The palate dries out pretty quickly with a flash of sawdust. A really sweet vanilla sugar cookie comes in behind that leading into the finish. The finish is pretty short in length and is mostly vanilla with a hint of spice.

Score – B-

Verdict – This particular barrel is giving me a few things I don’t normally get from Dickel sourced products. I love the packaging and really love the transparency provided on the front label. Overall this is a well put together brand offering a quality product. The only thing lacking on this particular barrel is a better finish. If you are a fan of Dickel products I highly recommend checking out Resilient.

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