About – Peerless is one of the many distilleries that have been resurrected of late. Bringing back a name that hasn’t been seen in the bourbon industry since prohibition. Cork and Carson Taylor (grandson and great grandson of the former distillery owner Henry Kraver) renovated the old distillery in Louisville, and barreled their first whiskey in March 2015. Peerless began releasing their rye at two years old, three years old, and now this rye is aged for a minimum of four years, non-chill filtered, bottled at barrel proof, and costs around $110.

Nose – Leading the way are dark honey covered cereal grains along with an interesting cherry note, vanilla, and a faint hint of dill.

Palate – Like the bourbon this is a sweet drinker lead by the honey and vanilla from the nose. The dill is much more pronounced than the nose. Rye spice jumps in on the back end leading into a finish that is joined by a caramel note that comes out of nowehere. The finish is medium in length.

Score – B

Verdict – This is a very solid rye. Has a lot of that classic dill character and rye spice that most people associate with the category. Unlike the bourbon there is no hint of youth. I have to say I am a big fan of what Peerless is doing and the whiskey they are putting out. I am really looking forward to their future.

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