Peerless Bourbon Review

About – Peerless is one of the many distilleries that have been resurrected of late. Bringing back a name that hasn’t been seen in the bourbon industry since prohibition. Cork and Carson Taylor (grandson and great grandson of the former distillery owner Henry Kraver) renovated the old distillery in Louisville, and barreled their first whiskey in March 2015. Fast forward to today and we have Peerless Small Batch Bourbon. Peerless is aged at least four years, non-chill filtered, bottled at barrel proof and costs around $75.

Nose – Nice and sweet. There are just layers and layers of honey covered grain with a touch of vanilla backing it up.

Palate – A bright citrus jumps out immediately, followed by vanilla, and more oak than I would expect from a four year bourbon. The honey covered grain from the nose shows up on the mid palate. The finish is on the shorter side of medium, starting with oak before moving to a strong cinnamon. There is a small touch of youth on the finish.

Score – B-

Verdict – The flavors from this strictly sweet mash bourbon are developing really nicely. In a few years when it has had time to develop more depth and complexity, I would expect Peerless to have a truly exceptional product. I commend them for taking their time and doing things the right way instead of rushing out an inferior product.

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