Daviess County Straight Bourbon Review

About – “With a heritage dating back to 1874, Daviess County Distilling Company was one of the first great bourbon distilleries of Kentucky. It also paved the way for more than a dozen other distilleries that opened in Daviess County pre-Prohibition. Now, in honor of the county’s rich history, we are reintroducing Daviess County Bourbon to the world. Featuring a unique blend of ryed and wheated mashbills, it’s a masterpiece unmatched in both flavor and heritage.” Lux Row has relaunched the Daviess County line with 3 variants, a straight bourbon, a straight bourbon finished in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels, and a straight bourbon finished in French Oak barrels. Today we are reviewing the straight bourbon bottled at 96 proof with an retail price of $40.

Nose – Has a soft sweetness to it with honey immediately followed by rye spice and faint peanut behind that.

Palate – The first thing that grabs my attention is a nice substantial mouthfeel coating the entire palate. On the first pass the flavors are well melded and it is hard to pull out anything specific. Digging in oak is the main influence with a cinnamon that carries through to a medium-long finish.

Score – C+

Verdict – The two mash bills really do blend together and make for an enjoyable easy drinking bourbon. It is one of those bourbons that as I sample it I keep reaching back for another pour. Nothing really jumps of the page with Daviess County Straight Bourbon, but it is well put together and serves as a very nice base for finishing.

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