Johnny Drum Private Stock Review


About – From the label, “Johnny Drum served as a drummer boy in the year 1861 during the Confederate (Civil) War. At the end of the war, legend has it Johnny returned home to his native Kentucky, where he staked claim among a beautiful spring. Johnny learned the importance of finding a way to convert his excess corn crop into a profitable item, rather than allowing it to go to waste. As the story goes, it wasn’t long before Johnny’s determination produced an exceptional bourbon whiskey.” Johnny Drum is one of the brands owned by KBD (Willet) and is a sourced bourbon of an undisclosed age from and undisclosed source. It is bottled at 101 and costs around $35 where available.

Nose – The first thing that hits is fresh buttered toast (that is a new one for me), followed along by pear and a touch of sawdust.

Palate – Orange leads the way followed by oak. Overall it seems fairly light for the proof. Simple and enjoyable. The finish is medium with a touch of Cinnamon and brown sugar.

Score – B

Verdict – Overall this is an enjoyable easy sipper. There is nothing overly complex or unique about it, but the flavors you do get are enjoyable. A good bottle for when you want to enjoy a nice bourbon, but don’t want think about it to much. If you happen to be in a place where this is available I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up a bottle.

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