Old Ezra 7 Year Barrel Strength Review

About – Old Ezra is and extension of the Ezra Brooks line from Luxco distilleries. While Luxco is now laying down their own rate distillate this is a sourced product from a undisclosed source (many people believe it to be Heaven Hill). As the label states Old Ezra Barrel Strength is aged for 7 years and bottled at 117 proof. Retail price is around $35.

Nose – On the nose Old Ezra presents a set of straightforward, classic bourbon aromas. Vanilla and caramel lead the way accompanied a nice amount of sweet oak.

Palate – Not unlike the nose, this is a truly classic bourbon. The first thing that jumps out at me is a mild roasted peanut that is backed up with the caramel and vanilla from the nose. There is a good bit of that should be expected from a barrel strength bourbon. The finish is long with a good blast of cinnamon, that slowly fades to oak and cherry.

Score – B

Verdict – While there is nothing mind blowing about Old Ezra Barrel strength, there is nothing wrong with it either. It is a very solid representation of a classic bourbon, and does carry many of the familiar Heaven Hill flavors and aromas. At $35 it is an absolute bargain for a 7 year age stated barrel proof product. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys bourbon.

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