Wild Turkey 101 Review

About – Wild Turkey 101 is one of those classic labels that doesn’t need much of an introduction. Many people comment that the product has gone down hill since the days of the cheesy gold foil label, but for many is considered trusty daily sipper. Wild Turkey 101 is a high rye bourbon, is bottled at 101 proof, and will cost you around $23.

Nose – Very sweet toffee, big hit of vanilla, caramel. On the rocks it takes on more of a honey covered cereal and stone fruit.

Palate – Vanilla, cinnamon oak. You get a nice balance of sweet and heat here. With ice the grain comes to the forefront and the oak starts to stand out more as well. The finish is medium in length with a slight oak and honey left behind and little bit of a tingle.

Score – B-

Verdict – Is it possible that Wild Turkey 101 has witnessed a slight decrease in quality over time? Yes. Does it still deliver on everything you expect when you open a bottle of 101? Yes. Wild Turkey 101 is one of the most well known bourbons around the world for a good reason, it always delivers an above average drink for the price. For me 101 is what I always choose for situations that require a plastic bottle. If you haven’t tried Wild Turkey 101 before you are probably new to bourbon or live under a rock. Go get some.

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