Heaven Hill Green Label 6 Year Review

About – Earlier this year Heaven Hill discontinued their “famous” white label 6 year bottled-in-bond and relaunched it as a 7 year product nationwide at an inflated price. There was a lot of talk about this, but Heaven Hill green label seems to have slipped under most people’s radars. This is another one of those products that only available in Kentucky and is an extreme bargain. I picked up this bottle at a Liqour Barn near Lexington for $12, it bears a 6 year age statement and is bottled at 90 proof.

Nose – Herebal mint, brown sugar, vanilla, oak all of the straightforward classic bourbon aromas you would expect, when you pour it on ice it turns into an absolute brown sugar bomb.

Palate – Very oak much oak and vanilla forward, behind that there is a nice note of brown sugar with a slight bit of spice. Putting it on ice has the same effect as it did on the nose. It turns into a glass full off brown sugar and mapley goodness. The finish is a long with oak and vanilla.

Score – B+

Verdict – I picked this bottle up on a whim while on a trip to the Kentucky NASCAR race, and am floored by how much I have enjoyed this bottle. I never tried the white label bottled-in-bond, but I don’t see how it could be much better than this. For my taste preferences this the perfect bourbon for sipping on the rocks. The next time I find my self in Kentucky I will be buying a case if they don’t discontinue this one too.

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