Noah’s Mill Review

Noah's Mill

About – The bottle states “genuine bourbon whiskey, handmade in the hills of Kentucky”. Noah’s mill is produced by KBD (Kentucky Bourbon Distillers) also known as Willett. It is not actually distilled by Willett however and it’s source distillery(s) is undisclosed. This is a product that used to carry a 15 year age statement that was removed a couple of releases ago. Noah’s Mill is a seasonally released product that retails for around $50. It is bottled at a healthy 114.3 proof.

Nose – Mint, clove, so much mint that I am having trouble picking up on much else. It does have a sharpness on the nose that would indicate to me some younger whiskey in the mix. Surprisingly not a strong sense of alcohol from this 114 proof bourbon.

Palate – A lot of complexity here, oak and smoke are dominant, mint and clove from the nose poke their way through, some dark fruit like sweetness, and some grassy flavors at the end that once again indicate some younger whiskey in the mix. Adding ice brings out some interesting changes as this bourbon really takes on a creaminess and caramel comes through with it. Really nice.

Finish – Long, hot, and oaky but not the expected burn considering the proof.

Score – A-

Verdict – Honestly I came into this review very skeptical knowing that the age statement had been dropped and the fact that it is sourced. Really wasn’t sure what to make of this at first, but the cream and caramel that came through after the iced addition put this one over the top for me. The only thing holding it back from being a truly top flight bourbon are those young whiskey characteristics that keep popping up. I would love to get my hands on a 15 year age stated version of Noah’s Mill, but as far as the current release goes it is really good and given the limited release schedule if you see this in your store I would recommend picking up a bottle. Easily worth the price.

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