Old Grand-Dad Bonded Review

OGD Bonded

About – Old Grand-Dad is a name that has a long and complex history. It is a brand that has changed hands several times throughout it’s long history and is currently a product of Beam-Suntory. It is famous for being a high-rye bourbon. The name Old Grand-Dad is a reference to whiskey pioneer Basil Hayden as it was his grandson who took the family distilling to a professional level and honored his grandfather in the name. As the name in implies this bourbon is bottled in bond meaning it has been aged a minimum of 4 years and is bottled at 100 proof. I paid $25 and that seems to be the normal price around me.

Nose – A bit astringent right off, dark fruits lead the way along with vanilla and a touch honey, there is some raw grain at the end.

Palate – Let’s start off by saying it is bold, it is spicy, and has a bit of an oily mouthfeel. Burnt sugar, oak, a bit of corn still in there, and a little hint of something vegetal.

Finish – Medium length, primarily oak and burnt sugar. Does have a bit of lingering hit, but nothing overpowering. Leaves a bit of an oily/waxy mouthfeel.

Score – C+

Verdict – I hate to say this, but I find my self a bit disappointed here. OGD is a brand that has developed somewhat of a cult following with an avid fan base it just doesn’t stand out to my palate. A 100 proof bourbon at $25 is definitely a rarity in the current market so I will say this is a decent deal in the same price range I would be more inclined to pick up a bottle of Buffalo Trace or Wild Turkey 101 however.

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