McKenzie Rye Whiskey Review

About – “McKenzie Rye Whiskey is made from local rye grain and is distilled using old-time techniques. We age this whiskey in new charred oak casks and finish in sherry barrels from local wineries. The sherry balances the spiciness of the rye and also gives a nod to the wine region where this whiskey is produced.” McKenzie Rye is bottled at 91 proof and retails for $40.

Nose – Bright is the first word that comes to mind. Lemon stands out along with buttery pie/pastry crust.

Palate – Berries jump out first, quickly followed by the lemon from the nose. Rye spice comes through shortly after that. From there vanilla and buttery shortbread take over leading into the finish. The finish is medium length and clean with tasty vanilla and oak.

Score – A-

Verdict – One of the most unique ryes I have ever come across. It is almost a freshly baked lemon and berry pie. I’m not sure if it is the locally grown grain, the climate, or what it is, but they Finger Lakes is on to something special here. If this is in your area buy it. If it isn’t find a place online where you can get some.

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