Coopers’ Craft Bourbon Review


About – Coopers’ Craft Bourbon is the newest product from Louisville base Brow-Forman, the parent company of Jack Daniel’s and Woodford Reserve. It is the first permanent addition to the company’s product line in 20 years. The name honors the role barrel makers known as coopers play in the crafting of bourbon. Brown-Forman is actually the only of the major whiskey producers who own their own cooperage. The barrels used for this whiskey are toasted as opposed to the heavy char that most bourbon barrels receive. The bourbon can be found in several Southern states for the time being and can be purchased for around $28.99 a bottle. The whiskey bears no age statement and it is bottled at 82.2 proof

Nose – A light aroma with a slightly fruity smell and no alcohol burn to speak of.

Palate – A light delicate tasting bourbon. Doesn’t reveal much at first, but as it opens up a slight fruit flavor comes through along with an interesting light oak flavor that can be attributed to the unique toasting of the barrels.

Finish – Medium in length leaving lingering taste of baking spice.

Score- B

Verdict¬†–¬†The toasted barrel and low alcohol content lend to making this a lighter tasting and easy drinking bourbon. This would be a great bourbon for either someone who is just getting into bourbon, or for the seasoned bourbon drinker who is looking to try something different than standard. Not the most complex bourbon, but definitely one worth the $28.99 a bottle price it is being sold for.

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