Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Old Review


About –Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Old is a small batch bourbon made by Wild Turkey with it’s name paying homage to legendary distiller  Jimmy Russell and his son distiller Eddie Russell. This whiskey is aged 10 years and bottled at 90 proof.

Nose – Sweet right off the bat with scents of toffee and honey. If I had to share an example of what a good bourbon smells like, this is it.

Palate – Sweet like the smell first picking up toffee and vanilla then a bit of spice comes through perhaps from the rye content typical of a Wild Turkey product with a bit of corn on the back end.

Finish – A medium to long finish highlighting the oak and leaving a taste I describe as Bit-O-Honey like. This stuff is smooth, almost dangerously so with the finish just leaving you wanting another sip.

Score – B+

Verdict¬†–¬†This is one I would definitely recommend picking up a bottle of. At the price (31.99) it is a fair value and I would say stacks up much better than many bourbons in same price range. This is one that I will keep in rotation.

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