Riverset Straight Rye Whiskey Review

About – “Riverset is named in honor of the Mississippi River and the iconic riverboats that have long since navigated its waters.  Historically, these riverboats were used to transport cumbersome barrels of whiskey from the hinterlands to the cities. In fact, so much whiskey was transported on the river in the nineteenth century that the Mississippi became known as the “Whiskey River.” Riverset Rye is a product of B.R. Distilling located in Memphis, Tennessee. This is a straight rye whiskey that was distilled in Tennessee and aged for at least four years. It is unfiltered, bottled at 93 proof, and carries a retail price of $29.99.

Nose – General fruitiness that moves towards apple as it opens up. Spearmint lightly moves in and out. Rye spice is there on the backside lightly slightly tingling the nose. All of this is layered with a thick vanilla.

Palate – The apple from the nose has turned to peach on the palate. That sweetness is counterbalanced by a surprising amount of oak tanning. Just like the nose the rye spice is faint here leading into a medium-short finish that fades to peach and finishes with a touch of grain on the way out.

Score – C+

Notes – The flavors presently are fairly light, but they are balanced and enjoyable. Sipping this neat the sweetness of the peach plays well with the spice and the bitter oak tanning. That peach note leads me to believe this would be an excellent rye for summer time cocktails. Given the fairly low price and versatility presented by Riverset Rye I would recommend picking up a bottle.

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