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Wild Turkey Master’s Keep 17 Year Bottled in Bond Review

About – Master’s Keep 17 Year Old Bottled in Bond is the 5th release in the annual Master’s Keep Series. It matches the age of the original 17 year old release, but is much different. The original 17 year spent time aging in brick… Continue Reading “Wild Turkey Master’s Keep 17 Year Bottled in Bond Review”

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (A120) Review

About – “Each batch of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof is an uncut Small Batch of 12-year-old Bourbon bottled straight from the barrel. The variance in proof from batch to batch presents a unique opportunity to explore the impact of the angel’s share and the… Continue Reading “Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (A120) Review”

Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Review

About – “At 17 years-old and hand-selected by Master Distiller Eddie Russell for its perfectly balanced flavor, Master’s Keep is the longest-aged whiskey released by Wild Turkey in the United States. Aged in both brick and wood rickhouses and at 86.8 proof, it starts… Continue Reading “Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Review”

Rebel Yell 10 Year Single Barrel Review

About – “Aged in charred oak barrels for 10 years, this bourbon boasts a unique flavor profile specific to each batch. It’s one-of-a-kind, just like the rebels who drink it.” Rebel Yell is a product of Luxco. The current bottling have been distilled by… Continue Reading “Rebel Yell 10 Year Single Barrel Review”

Hancock’s President’s Reserve Review

About – Hancock’s Presiden’t Reserve is an often overlooked release of Buffalo Trace, I mean it isn’t even listed on their website. About the only information provided regarding Hancock’s is that it is named after Hancock Lee, co-founder of Leesburg, Kentucky. It is a mashbill… Continue Reading “Hancock’s President’s Reserve Review”

W.L. Weller 12 Year Review

About – Weller 12 year is a wheated bourbon distilled by Buffalo Trace using the same mash bill as the famous Pappy Van Winkle series. The popularity and scarcity of Van Winkle has boosted the popularity of other bourbons sharing the same mash bill,… Continue Reading “W.L. Weller 12 Year Review”

Parker’s Heritage Collection Heavy Char 8 Year Rye Review

About – Parker’s Heritage is a yearly limited release by Heaven Hill featuring a different type of whiskey each year. It is named in honor of Parker Beam, the long time master distiller for Heaven Hill. Parker passed away after a battle with ALS… Continue Reading “Parker’s Heritage Collection Heavy Char 8 Year Rye Review”

Why Leaving the Bourbon Secondary Market Increased my Bourbon Satisfaction

If you have the money to spend, the bourbon secondary market can be a fantastic and magical place. All the bottles you have been unsuccessfully searching for are now at your fingertips. After first joining the market I was having a blast grabbing bottles… Continue Reading “Why Leaving the Bourbon Secondary Market Increased my Bourbon Satisfaction”