George Dickel Bottled in Bond 2021 Review

About – Here we are with the 3rd release of George Dickel Bottled in Bond. This is a line that has achieved a tremendous amount of success in only two releases, and is the release that I consider to be the gold standard when it comes to Tennessee Whiskey. The 2019 release took home whiskey of the year awards form myself and several others. The 2020 followed up on that initial success with a release that catered to a broader audience who perhaps didn’t enjoy the initial release as much as I did. The 2021 release comes in with a 13 year age statement, is bottled at 100 proof, and retails for around $45. Let’s dive in and see how if it stands up to the two previous installments.

Nose – Dark and earthy caramel, sawdust (something I usually find in all good Dickel whiskies). Behind that orange and vanilla cream washes through. The oak is laying behind everything binding the whole experience together. As this sits in the glass I am picking up something sour and skunky almost like a sour beer type of element.

Palate – Great oily, coating mouthfeel to kick things off. It is bright and clean starting off with the orange from the nose and combines with vanilla cream in the mid palate. Just like the nose the oak is a solid backbone for the entire palate. There is a touch of cinnamon and musk before heading into the finish. The finish is long and is classic Dickel with oak and peanuts appearing heavily before fading back to the orange cream.

Score – A

Verdict – The 2021 release builds on both of the previous releases in the series showing a real evolution in the product. It takes the best parts of the previous two releases and combines them in a way that is greater than the sum of its parts. This in an excellent whiskey and is released at an unbelievable price point. As I said in the opening George Dickel Bottled in Bond has established itself as the gold standard for Tennessee Whiskies. Simply fantastic.

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