Pursuit Series Episode 29 Review

About – Pursuit series is the private label created by Ryan Cecil and Kenny Coleman of the Bourbon Pursuit Podcast. From their website “For us, it was searching for rare whiskey and seeking out the people and stories behind every great bottle. After years of interviews, we learned that memories aren’t created by what’s inside the bottle, but by those who enjoy it together. This inspired us to write our own story. Our pursuit led us to hand select every barrel and bottle it completely untouched. Every barrel chosen is unique, developing its own narrative that becomes an episode in the series. This pursuit is for you. The whiskey geek, enthusiast, aficionado, or whatever you want to call yourself because, after all, we are you.” Sticking with the podcast them, each single barrel release is given an episode number and “show notes” are listed on the front label to give you an idea of the flavor profile. This particular release is a straight rye whiskey from an undisclosed distillery in Tennessee. As with all Pursuit Series releases this rye whiskey is uncut and unfiltered. Episode 29 is aged for 4 years and bottled at 110.1 proof. This release was available at Seelbach’s for $65, but has since sold out.

Nose – Opens up with a light touch of grain that is followed by a floral honeysuckle sweetness. The rye spice is evident on the deep inhale. As it opens up a bit of spearmint becomes to come through.

Palate – Bright at first and quickly hit with the rye spice. Spearmint is in the background trying to fight through, but stays subdued. Cinnamon and figs come through on the mid palate moving into the finish. The medium finish starts with a blast of lime that fades into raw grain that the nose started with.

Score – B

Verdict – The citrus note on the finish is what really sticks with me here. It reminds me of the lemon notes in Traverse City North Coast Rye (review here). That is a note I only seem to get from these “lesser” aged ryes. It seems that those flavors are overtaken by oak in the aging process. Kenny and Ryan have done a great job with the Pursuit Series brand. I have really enjoyed the single barrel releases that I have tried, and am looking forward to their new Pursuit United blend.

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