Buffalo Trace Kosher Wheat Recipe Review

About – “Buffalo Trace Distillery produced this Wheat Recipe Bourbon in a partnership with the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc). Made with the same high quality grains as W.L. Weller Bourbon Whiskey, this Kosher spirit was aged in specifically designated Kosher barrels. In order to satisfy Passover requirements, these barrels were sold to a non-Jewish executive in a ceremony witnessed by a representative from the cRc. After aging for seven years, this Wheat Recipe Bourbon was bottled at 94 proof after ensuring the bottling lines were cleaned beforehand and that no contact was made with non-Kosher spirits.” Buffalo Trace also released Kosher Rye Recipe Bourbon and a Straight Rye. All three variants carry an retail price of around $50.

Nose – Sweet cinnamon and cherry kick things off. There is a floral note behind that tying everything together. As it opens up caramelized sugar moves in, and cinnamon becomes the dominant note.

Palate – Very bright as it hits the tongue with the cherry from the nose being the first thing I pick up. Cinnamon moves in strongly in the form of sweet cinnamon candy. Bitter oak tanning moves in behind that to counter the sweetness. This leads to a medium length finish that starts as oak and ends dominated by cinnamon.

Score – B

Verdict – This Kosher release falls right in line with other Weller products. It has more depth that Weller Special Reserve, but isn’t as well rounded or flavorful as Weller Antique. For someone who needs a Kosher option this is a good one. For anyone else it is worth the retail price if you can find it, but if you have to pay secondary pricing I would probably pass unless you are just a Weller fanatic like me.

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