Barrell Bourbon Batch 24 Review

About – “A blend of straight Bourbon Whiskeys distilled and aged in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana. The whiskeys used in this blend are 9,10,13, and 15 years old, and all have been aged in American white oak barrels.” Barrell Bourbon Batch 24 is bottled at 113.9 proof and retails for around $80.

Nose – Brightness hits first with citrus that skews towards orange. Behind that is a touch of sawdust. There is some must present that indicates some well aged whiskey in this blend. Cinnamon shows up on the backend along with a faint pear that shifts to apple as it opens up.

Palate – Much darker than the nose. Deep brown sugar or almost a burnt sugar dominate early on before the cinnamon starts to come in. The minerality that is often associated with Dickel sourced bourbon comes behind that. As you keep drinking the burnt sugar shifts more towards a caramel on the mid palate. The finish is long like most Barrell blends and is spicy cinnamon and oak.

Score – B

Verdict – Barrell’s blends never disappoint me and Batch 24 is no exception. It isn’t up to the level of some of the more prolific award winning blends, but is well worth the cost of admission. If you are someone who has passed on offerings from Barrell Craft Spirits because you are unsure if it is worth the price, I am here to tell you it is. Considering the amount of high aged whiskey used in their blends, I consider it to be priced accordingly in the given market.

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