Old Bardstown Estate Bottled Review

About – As I mention in my review for Old Bardstown Bottled in Bond, the history of the Old Bardstown label is difficult to trace. What we can say for sure is that this bourbon is distilled and aged by Willett and is at least 4 years old. It is a step up in price and proof from the bottled in bond offering, clocking in at 101 proof with a price of $30.

Nose – Big bold nose. Plenty of sweetness to go around with caramel, apple, and cherry. There is just a touch of grain and oak. Also hanging around is an herbal mint that I have found in other Willett offerings most notable Noah’s Mill. Much more complex than I had expected.

Palate – Starts off with a big blast of caramel and oak hitting all of the traditional bourbon notes. A fruity sweetness washes through shifting between cherry and orange peel. A splash of cinnamon shows up on the backend leading into a medium length finish that fads into oak and orange.

Score – B

Verdict – Very on profile with what I tasted in Old Bardstown Bottled in Bond but elevated and more complex. I really enjoy the Willett profile and this is no exception. At $30 I consider this a bargain and recommend it to anyone who enjoys other Willett products.

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