New Holland Beer Barrel Bourbon Review

About – “A unique, first-of-its-kind bourbon. Beer Barrel Bourbon is aged in new American oak barrels before finishing in our legendary Dragon’s Milk barrels. The Dragon’s Milk barrels provide a softer, more rounded flavor with notes of vanilla and smooth dark malts.” There is no age statement on this product. It is bottled at 80 proof and costs around $35.

Nose – The Dragon’s Milk aging is very evident and surprisingly after 6 months of finishing it all but drowns out the bourbon. There is some caramel and vanilla but they come across as coming form the beer more than the whiskey. Overall it is a pleasant nose.

Palate – Very thing and lacking any real flavor on the palate. The finish heads in a different direction though. It is not very pleasant to say the least.

Score – F

Verdict – The nose is fairly enjoyable, but that is all this bourbon has going for it. The idea of finishing it in the Dragon’s Milk barrels is a worthwhile endeavor, but the low quality of the bourbon sends it off the rails. This would probably be a good product if they just sourced a decent bourbon to use. New Holland themselves should stick to making beer.

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