Bulleit Blender’s Select Review

About – “Limited-edition 100 proof bourbon that selectively mingles three of the ten distillates used in our flagship Bulleit Bourbon. These three distillates are each aged for a minimum of nine years. Hand-selected from more than 100 distinct liquids, this blend was painstakingly crafted by our blender Eboni Major to achieve a unique taste profile that is distinctly Bulleit in character.” This was released alongside Diageo’s Craftswomen program, looking to put more focus on women inside the spirits industry. Blender’s Select is a limited edition release and only available in select states. Retail price is around $50-$60.

Nose – A big bold bouquet of classic bourbon aromas. I am picking up caramel, vanilla, and baking spice. There is also an orange cream running throughout all of that in the background.

Palate – Very vanilla forward accompanied by cinnamon and some darker fruit flavors. The oak shows up at the beginning of the finish with a slight spice along for the ride. The finish is medium in length.

Score – B+

Verdict – Bulleit Blender’s Select went far above and beyond anything that I was expecting. It packs more of a flavor punch than anything I have had from Bulleit in the past. The price is a relative bargain in the current bourbon market, especially when considering that this is a limited edition product as well. I highly recommend picking up a bottle.

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