Sagamore Spirit Double Oak Rye Review

About – “After aging our award-winning spirit for four years, we place it into a second oak barrel — and wait. The new toasted staves reenergize the aging process, creating flavors full of caramel and dark vanilla and colors that radiate amber and warm chestnut. It’s a straight rye whiskey perfect for the spirit of celebration.” The base rye for this is sourced from MGP. Sagamore Spirit Double Oak Rye is available in most markets, bottled at 96.6 Proof, and retails for $59.99.

Nose – Deep toasty, sweet oak, behind that there are some stone fruits. The rye comes into focus the longer it opens up with a touch of spearmint.

Palate – Toast hits first reminiscent of a vanilla toasted marshmallow, That is followed by a lighter pear. The rye influence is there, but none of the spice you expect from a rye. Finish is medium length and is mostly toasty vanilla.

Score – B-

Verdict – All in all the flavors are nice and it is an enjoyable pour. The base rye could use a bit more time to mature and develop some more complexity. If the they used a 6 year rye for this product I think it could be really remarkable. As it stands it is good enough to warrant a bottle purchase form anyone who enjoys those toasted notes.

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