Willett Family Estate Bottled 4 Year Rye Review

About – As with most Willett offerings there isn’t a ton of backstory to be found with this one. It was first released a few years ago as a 3 year and has now been bumped up to 4 years. Every batch is released at barrel proof, and are somewhat allocated. I have seen it priced anywhere from $42-$80.

Nose – Cherry and dill are very prominent and drown everything else out initially. The longer it sits the more cherry I pick up. As it opens up it really smells like cherry and fresh baked rye bread.

Palate – Sharp hit of dill followed by a blast of rye spice. Cinnamon and vanilla dance in and out throughout the palate. Not very much heat give the higher proof. The finish is along fading from cherry to oak and it slightly dry at the end.

Score – B+

Verdict – This is a bottle I have passed on many times and now feel foolish for doing so. Unbelievable complexity and depth for a 4 year old whiskey. It has an interesting flavor profile, and is actually a good value as well. I highly recommend buying a bottle.

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