Early Times Bottled in Bond Review


About – “Established in 1860, Early Times is a true American brand. From our rich heritage we have unearthed bourbon inspiration to create a legacy expression that pays homage to Early Times Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon from 75 years ago. This true old-style Kentucky bourbon honors the high standard of historic bourbon-making set forth by the U.S. Bottled-in-Bond Act.” Early Times was once the highest selling bourbon label in the United States. This release is meant to pay homage to 75th anniversary of the once proud brand. Early Times Bottled in Bond is aged at least for yours, bottled at 100 proof and costs around $25 for a 1 liter bottle. It is currently only available in select states.

Nose – Caramel is the dominant scent here followed by baking spice and a touch of citrus dancing in and out.

Palate – The caramel from the news leads the way backed up by a nice presence of oak. Cinnamon makes an appearance on the backend. The finish is medium length with a very nice sweet oak and cinnamon.

Score – B

Verdict – This bourbon punches way above its price range. An excellent release from Brown Forman hitting all of the classic bourbon notes we all know and love. I would hard pressed to name a better bang for your buck product currently on the market.

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