Jim Beam Single Barrel 108 Proof Review

About – “Jim Beam Single Barrel 108 Proof is the first single barrel bottling from the world’s most loved bourbon brand. Single Barrel is hand-selected for outstanding taste and color by our expert distillers, ensuring the highest quality. No two barrels are the same and each barrel will have a differentiated taste profile with full and robust flavors at 108 proof.” Jim Beam has decided to up their game with this new single barrel offering by foregoing filtering and upping the proof to 108. This new release carries no age statement and cost around $40 in my area.

Nose – Strangely yeast is the first thing that I pick up like a yeast bread dough. A bit of honey and cinnamon are behind that. Surprisingly no ethanol coming through on this high proof. In all everything in the nose is on the light side.

Palate – Honey hits first and is washed over by a wave of cinnamon. From the middle on I am picking up a really funky taste of wet grain that has been sitting around for a while. That wet grain lasts through a medium finish.

Score – D-

Verdict – I am disappointed in this bottle to say the least. It is like drinking a shitty half baked loaf of cinnamon yeast bread. Jim Beam swings and Jim Beam misses with this one. Buy a bottle at your own peril.

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