Hancock’s President’s Reserve Review

About – Hancock’s Presiden’t Reserve is an often overlooked release of Buffalo Trace, I mean it isn’t even listed on their website. About the only information provided regarding Hancock’s is that it is named after Hancock Lee, co-founder of Leesburg, Kentucky. It is a mashbill #2 bourbon like Blanton’s and Elmer T. Lee. It is bottled at 88.9 proof and is a somewhat allocated product. The retail price is around $50, but like other Buffalo Trace releases good luck finding it at that price if you can find it at all.

Nose – Light and Very Sweet. Honey, apricots, cereal, and a touch of apple. After sitting out for a while brown sugar becomes prominent along with white grapes.

Palate – Apples and oak. There isn’t much to say beyond that. A medium length sweet oak finish. The more I taste it there is a slight cinnamon note to be found in the mid palate if you really look for it.

Score – C+

Verdict – Hancock’s is probably best defined as a light sipping bourbon. It doesn’t pack much of a punch in the flavor department, but what is there is enjoyable. The nose is absolutely beautiful. It is worth trying, and worth buying a bottle at around retail price, but I would be very hesitant to pay more than that.

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