Kentucky Owl Confiscated Review

About – Kentucky Owl is a brand that has developed a cult like following for their bourbon and rye releases. There has been much talk about their pricing structure as well. They are at the forefront of brands who have moved their pricing in line with secondary either to combat flipping or maximize profit. Whatever the case it has gotten them plenty of attention. Confiscated is their first large scale release since being purchased by Stoli. The name pays homage to a warehouse worth of bourbon that was “confiscated” at the beginning of prohibition. Kentucky Owl Confiscated carries no age statement, is bottled at 96.4 proof, and retails for $125 although I have seen it priced anywhere from $99-$175.

Nose – First impression is that the nose is darker than expected. The note that jumps out is mint, accompanied by leather and dark caramel. Smells well aged despite the lack of age statement

Palate – Huge caramel bomb! There is a touch of barrel spice and on the backend I am finding a hint of younger rye. The finish is medium-long and is all barrel spice.

Score – B-

Verdict – I enjoy the flavors, it just isn’t that complex. It comes across as probably an 80% blend of well aged bourbon mixed with 20% youger high rye bourbon. The youth isn’t overly apparent but does show up slightly on the back of the palate. All in all it is a solid offering, but not so sure I can recommend a bottle purchase given the price. I would suggest having a taste at a bar or from a friend before dropping the $125 on this one.

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