Most Anticipated Bourbon Releases of 2020

2019 is in the books and the bourbon boom is showing no signs of stopping. Some of the most surprising releases last year were George Dickel BIB and Old Forester Rye. Not only were these great bourbons, but they were released at very affordable prices. 2019 also saw no shortage of high end limited releases either. 2020 looks to be a year that will continue both of these trends so without further ado here are my most anticipated releases of 2020.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Rye When this label hit COLA it send a lot of Wild Turkey fans into a frenzy. Rare Breed has grown a cult like following in the recent years as a very high quality and affordable barrel proof expression. Rare Breed Rye will look to build on that legacy, and fill the hole in their portfolio that has been caused by the disappearance of 101 Rye from most shelves. No official release date has been give.

Larceny Barrel Proof – Continuing with affordable barrel proof releases we have Larceny Barrel Proof. Larceny has quickly become one of the more popular sub $30 bourbons in the market, and now they are expanding the line. Larceny Barrel Proof has already started to pop up in certain markets and will spread throughout the country shortly for the affordable price of $50.

Elijah Craig Rye – Here we have another line extension from Heaven Hill. The ever popular Elijah Craig brand will be branching out in to the rye category. With Rittenhouse and Pikesville already in their portfolio Elijah Craig Rye will work to fill the gap between those too. I would expect it to be more in line with Pikesville in age, but at a lower proof point.

George Remus Barrel Program – I have not seen a press release or a label for this one yet, but have been told by multiple store owners that they are currently scheduling dates to pick barrels at MGP that will be released at barrel proof under the Remus line. We have all had fantastic releases sourced from MGP, now it is their turn to release them under her own brand. No word on the age yet, but these releases could be potential breakout stars this year.

Wild Turkey Master’s Keep 17 Year Bottled in Bond – Last year’s Master’s Keep release Cornerstone Rye was widely considered the best release in the collection to date, and was named Rye of the year by Bourbon for the Masses. The 2020 release seems poised to contend for whiskey of the year. A true 17 year release of Wild Turkey is definitely on my short list.

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