2019 Whiskey Awards

2019 is nearly gone and that can mean only one thing. It is time to crown the 2019 Bourbon and Rye of the year.

Bourbon of the Year – George Dickel Bottled in Bond

Yes George Dickel is a Tennessee whiskey, but it does meet the guidelines to qualify as a bourbon. I had to start with that because some jackass always makes that objection. When I reviewed George Dickel Bottled in Bond back in August I was blown away by its complexity especially considering the price point(read review here). In the crazy whiskey environment we live in these days it is hard to believe you can buy a 13 year old expression of this quality for under $40. Congratulations Nicole Austin your first release was a stellar one.

Rye of the Year – Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Cornerstone Rye

I generally don’t like to give these awards limited releases, but I have to make an exception here. Not only did Cornerstone Rye receive the highest rating of any rye this year, it received the highest rating of any whiskey I have ever reviewed on this site(read review here). It is a limited release, but is not generally hard to find in the wild. I was able to secure a second bottle for myself after reviewing it. I generally feel that the Master’s Keep series is overlooked, and this release has taken the series into a new stratosphere. Congratulations Eddie Russell on another fine release.

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