Jim Beam Repeal Batch Review

About – From the Jim Beam website “As a tribute to Jim B. Beam’s first batch of bourbon at his new distillery, Jim Beam Repeal Batch is non-chill filtered for a taste that harkens back to the big, robust flavor of post-Prohibition whiskey. ” Essentially this is your run of the mill Jim Beam White Label with a 3% abv increase and it has been non-chill filtered. Do those things make a difference? We shall see. Jim Beam Repeal Batch can be found everywhere for around $15, and is bottled at 86 proof.

Nose – Neat the first thing I am picking up is honey/caramel covered grain. Very dessert like with hints of sour apple. On ice the apple moves to forefront but even that is hard to pick up now.

Palate – Neat, apples with a lot of cinnamon and baking spice. This is a god damned apple pie. On the rocks the baking spice is huge. My best description is fall in a glass. Medium finish with a bit of bitter oak tannin lingering.

Score – B

Verdict – I am very pleasantly surprised with this one. I thought the slightly higher proof and non-chill filtering would have a negligible effect on the final product, and I was completely wrong. All in all this is a very serviceable bourbon and at the price point I am tempted to give it an even higher score. I would recommend immediately picking this up if you haven’t tried it already. I am going to pick up a few bottles to bunker myself. This is labeled as being available for a limited time, but has already been around for a good while, and doesn’t seem to be in short supply.

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