Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Review (Middlebrook Liquor Store Pick)

About – Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel is produced by the Wild Turkey Distillery and uses the standard Wild Turkey recipe. It is essentially the best barrels of Wild Turkey chosen by Eddie Russell. It is bottled at 110 proof and non-chill filtered. The version I am reviewing is a private barrel chosen by Middlebrook Liquor Store in Knoxville, TN. Normal cost is around $50 at most stores in my area.

Nose – If there were one bourbon I would use to illustrate what a good bourbon smells like it is Russell’s Reserve and the single barrel offering is no different. There is a noticeable floral scent, accompanied by a strong dose of vanilla, oak, and honey, and caramel that borders on toffee.

Palate – Once again this bourbon delivers on the classic bourbon flavors. Opens up with a sweet honey, followed by a nice oak, citrus and dark fruit that are a hallmark of a high rye, and a strong dose of vanilla.

Finish – I would characterise the finish as medium-long. A rye spice that fades into oak with vanilla and a touch of that toffee/caramel.

Score – A-

Verdict – Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel is everything I love about the Wild Turkey brand just taken to a higher level. For a classic bourbon profile this is hard to beat. Not cheap at $50+ per bottle, but compared to other bottles in the price range is better than most. If money is tight I recommend the standard release of Russell’s Reserve, at $30 it is one of the best bourbons in the price range. However if you have the extra money single barrel is a nice upgrade.

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