Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch Review


About – Colonel E.H. Taylor is a name is that is drenched in bourbon history. He is the father of the bottled in bond act. Although that may seem of little importance today, at the time it was an important act to protect bourbon drinkers by making sure they were getting quality juice. Colonel E.H. Taylor was also the founder of the O.F.C. distillery which is now the site of the modern Buffalo Trace facility. The Taylor brand itself is one that has been around for a long time and has switched hands several times with varying quality throughout its existence. Today the brand is made by Buffalo Trace and has a variety of offerings including Small Batch, Single Barrel, Barrel Proof, Rye, and some limited offerings as well. Today we will be focusing on the Small Batch which is a bottle in bond bourbon which means it was aged at least four years and is bottled at 100 proof.

Nose – The first sniff reveals a huge whiff of citrus, as you dive deeper in it is joined by notes of caramel and honey as well.

Palate – A true explosion of flavor hits you immediately. This is a bold bourbon, the citrus from the nose introduces itself first and in a big way along with a generous amount of vanilla, there is a trace of pear in there as well. The pallet is underlain with oak throughout and there is a substantial mouthfeel to this bourbon as well.

Finish – The oak is the star of a nice long finish that slowly fades into vanilla.

Score – A

Verdict – Colonel E.H. Taylor is a fine example of what great bourbon is. It brings all of the classic bourbon flavors to the table and adds a nice amount of citrus making for a very pleasurable experience. At around $40 a bottle it may be a bit expensive for an every day drinker, but is still in the range of things that are affordable to pour to treat yourself after a long day at the office. This is a bourbon that makes a fantastic gift as well thanks both to its great flavor and its elegant packaging.

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